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Pacific United (Beijing) Petroleum Chemical Co., L

Pacific United (Beijing) Petroleum Chemical Co., L
C703,Caifujiayuan, No.19,Xiaoying Road,Beijing,China

Tel: (86)018600260159
Fax: (86)-10-58650466

Contact: Yolanda.Qin, Export Sales
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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter
Harmonized System Codes: 3403

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Pacific Ocean United (Beijing) Petrochemical Co., Ltd (POUPC for short)was established in the year 2003, aiming to devote itself to development and manufacture of many high-premium lubricant additives for petrochemical and coal-chemical use. Its paramount goal is to provide customers with energy-efficient and environment-friendly products. Two research and production centers, located in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, attract a host of senior experts in this field, and boast many state-of-the-art instruments from home and abroad through which we can conduct sets of testing and analyzing experiments. The centers enjoy strong support from governments of all levels and have been designated as national lube oil additive research centers. Our products: organic Molybdenum compounds, organic Borate sters, and thiadiazole chemicals have spearheaded efforts to improve energy efficiency and environment protection as lubricant Friction Reducers, Antioxidants, EP/AW agents and corrosion inhibitors. These lubricating oil additives have gained wide appeal and come into use among many petrochemical companies across the globe. Counting on its first-class technical capability, performance-enhancing products, and professional services as well as international perspective, Pacific Ocean United (Beijing) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. will maintain great momentums in the future and it is our honor and responsibility to deliver energy-conserving and environmentally friendly products for customers around the world.


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